Washingtonian Honors the 100 Top Tech Titans at the Smithsonian

by Shashi Bellamkonda on June 10, 2009


On May 28th the 100 Washingtonian Top Tech Titans were honored at a reception held at the Freer Gallery of Art at the Smithsonian. I was honored to be on the Top Tech Titan’s list and to be there and meet the others on the list. Garrett M. Graff the list’s creator took into account several factors almost like his own Google Algorithm  – recommendations, visibility, Community efforts  etc.  Thank you Garett Graf, Catherine Merill Williams and the other folks at the Washingtonian for the list and the event.

Washingtonian 100 Top Tech Titans Reception

Debbie Weil Author of the The Corporate Blogging Book – a Tech Titan herself did a nice interview of Garrett on her Blog. Frank Gruber another Tech Titan posted the event recap here.

I had the great pleasure of once again meeting Nigel Morris – one of the members of General Atlantic and on the Board of Network Solutions.  Nigel is also one of the co-founders of Capital One. In fact Network Solutions is represented by 4 people on the Washingtonian Tech Titan’s list.

Washingtonian 100 Top Tech Titans Reception

Nigel Morris : Member of the Network Solutions’ Board of Directors

Raul Fernandez : Member of the Network Solutions’ Board of Directors

Jill Foster : Editor – WomenGrowBusiness.com and

Shashi BellamkondaSocial Media Swami (me :) )

Another distinction in the list is that 5 of the fantastic contributors to WomenGrowBusiness ( a community blog for Women Entrepreneurs ) are on the list and I consider that a great honor for Network Solutions.

Shireen Mitchell

Allyson Kapin

Marissa Levin

Jill Foster

Washingtonian 100 Top Tech Titans Reception

I saw several folks from last time and enjoyed a great conversation with them.  Here is a list of a few of the people I met, its not exhaustive and I may have left off some good people so forgive and give me hell by commenting here if you are not listed :)
My good friends Shana Glickfield (dcconcierge.com) , Jen Consalvo, Leslie Ann, Nick O’Neil, Frank Gruber. I missed meeting Sanju Bansal whose name I hear all the time. Sid Banerjee – we almost said hello.

Eva Barboni Joetrippi.com

Pete Snyder Founder and CEO of NMS : New Media Strategies  ( Another Washingtonian Tech Titan himself ).  Of course his able employee Leslie Ann is like a Fairy God mother to the local community – she is young but can still have that title.

Ed Black President and CEO of CCIA ( Computers and Communications Industry Association) a Washingtonian Tech Titan himself. I had a great conversation with Heather Greenfield and Gina Steinhauser also with the CCIA. I must narrate this story. I was carrying a bag with all me cameras and equipment and Paul Bremer was taking a picture. Seeing me holding the bag Gina offered to hold it while the picture was being taken. I thought the courtesy was awesome particularly having read in that day’s Washington Post about how many commuters were ill- mannered and did not offer their seats to people who need them the most. Ed  Black you have some great employees.

Paul Bremer from InflectionPoint Media connected me with another Washingtonian Tech  Titan and CEO of Genius Rocket Mark Walsh. I met Linda Jeffries from the Newseum , Eliis Jeffries from the Washingtonian. Caroline McGurk of NBC Universal looks after the partner Sales for iVillage.com and i should connect her with Jill Foster for WomenGrowBusiness.com.

Dendy Young from McClean Capital is another Washingtonian Tech Titan I met. Nigel Morris introduced me to Alan. G Merten President of George Mason University . Jack Crupi CTO of Jack Be another Washingtonian Tech Titan spoke about how their company does “mash=ups” for enterprises.   Shireen Mitchell at once saw the connection and wondered if Network Solutions could use them.

I spoke a long time with Haroon Mokhtarzada CEO of Webs.com and David Stegon of Bisnow snapped a shot of us two conversing. Pay back came for me with me taking a picture of David. I was thrilled to be on Bisnow the next day ( Thanks David). Craig Newmark mentioned some of the Tech Titans on his blog . Sacha Cohen from Rosetta Stone and of course MIKE RUCKI of http://www.onfrozenblog.com

Washingtonian 100 Top Tech Titans Reception

Other folks who have blogged and written about this:






Here are some of the pictures I took.

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