Looking for Small Biz Answers? Start Online.

by Connie Steele on November 30, 2010


Throughout our research with small businesses, we see an ongoing theme when it comes to web services…they don’t know what they need, when they need it and how it exactly helps their business. Much of this is still a black box to them and this sentiment is rings true regardless of age, gender and business type.  Even those who have a pretty robust web presence still have a limited understanding on what services or products are required to help take them to the next level.  In short, there is an educational gap.

Unlike some of us who are fortunate enough to have an IT Department that can assess and address our technical needs, small businesses don’t have that luxury. We constantly hear that technology isn’t their core competency (and why should it be?) so finding relevant educational content to guide their decision making process is even more crucial.

Fortunately many web service providers now have content like webinars, how to guides, whitepapers and communities to help demystify what these products can do for you. Whether it’s understanding if you need an SSL certificate or even what SEO means to your business, these resources can explain in non-technical terms when a product would be useful and what the end benefit is.  If watching an educational video is more of your style, you can now find a wealth of information available on YouTube.

So whether you are just looking to start your online presence or optimize it, check out these resources to help you make an informed decision on what would be best for your business.

Check out a few of Network Solutions’ available resources:

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    • Anonymous

      this is so true…see it all the time


    • Candice Blueski

      These articles are extremely beneficial. The articles and videos gave me a much better understanding of what is best for my business.